This first podcast series produced by the House of African Feminisms will explore feminist practices and knowledge that have led to changes in African societies. What were/are the tools and mechanisms used? What informs those practices? What knowledge and changes the practices bring about?

In its second podcast series the House of African Feminisms explores Gender Justice in its different forms. The series explores Gender Justice in the home, schools, academia as well as its history talking to various actors from the continent.

In this third offering from the House of African Feminisms in conjunction with Name Redacted they discuss being queer on the continent and the phenomenon of "coming out". In the season 1 premiere of One Foot In The Closet, our host Name Redacted, explains what One Foot In The Closet is; giving definitions for terms that folks might be unfamiliar with.
House of African Feminisms (HoAF) is funded by The Goethe-Institut in Sub-Saharan Africa
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